One Rule to Work Smarter Not Harder next year…

How Structure and Routine can Improve your Life-Work Balance
March 9, 2016
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One Rule to Work Smarter Not Harder next year…

So, you want to work smarter not harder in 2017?

Put this one simple strategy into practice and you will be well on your way.

Systemise the routine, humanise the experience.

The ideal is that you do something once, and then put a system in place. You have to ensure the process is clear, the steps are followed and when this happens it will not only increase productivity but will also reduce stress. Everyone will know what to do, and what needs to happen next. It leaves you free to ‘humanise’ the experience ensuring the task/function/client in front of you receives your utmost care and attention.

Richard Branson owns and operates more than 400 companies worldwide. How on earth does he do that you might ask? Well he’s a master delegator and expert at identifying when and where to invest his time plus he’s got solid systems in place.

To get you started on your path to working smarter put yourself through the ’10 most’ exercise. This simple exercise helps you to easily identify areas you need to target and systemise first, so you can reap the rewards.

What are the 10 most…

  • recurring functions you perform each day and each week
  • time consuming tasks you perform
  • stressful tasks you perform
  • important functions your perform
  • unimportant functions your perform
  • 10 tasks you hate having to do.

This is where you start!

From the 60 tasks listed chose just 1 and take a leaf out of Richard Branson’s notebook and begin to delegate. Alternatively you can outsource, or eliminate, there are many solutions but you need to start somewhere!
I know this strategy will free you up to focus on the important stuff in life. The things you enjoy, that are crucial to your family and business.

Got questions? Fire away! I’m happy to provide further support to help make 2016 your smartest year yet! Enjoy.