How Structure and Routine can Improve your Life-Work Balance

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February 24, 2016
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September 6, 2017
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How Structure and Routine can Improve your Life-Work Balance

As a business coach I see many business owners working more hours than there are in a day.

In the long term it results in burn out. You may have seen this in people you know, or experienced it first-hand yourself. Either way there is a more sustainable way forward that ensures both your life and business flourish without sacrificing your health.

Routine plays a major role in your day to day life, and provides an opportunity to transform your work-life balance. Believe it or not, it’s all about how your brain is wired! You may have heard about left brain thinkers vs right brain thinkers. The left brain is more attuned to structure and routine whereas the right brain is more aligned to freedom and spontaneity. We all have aspects of both, but usually there is a dominant streak and this affects your relationship to routine. No matter where you sit on the left/right brain thinking, you can learn to embrace structure and freedom to enjoy effective work-life balance.

Read over the questions below, & note down your response to each question. This will help you find your pattern of thinking. Do you lean towards freedom or structure?

  • Is it easier for you to remember people’s names or to remember people’s faces?
  • Do you have a place for everything and keep everything in its place?
  • Do you feel more comfortable saying/doing humorous things or saying/doing well-reasoned things?
  • Is it easier for you to read for general ideas or to read for specific details?
  • Do you like to move your furniture several times a year, or do you prefer to keep the same arrangement?

Hopefully these questions helped identify whether you are aligned more strongly with either the left or right dominant mode of thinking. The secret now is to strengthen your ‘opposite’ hemisphere, ie: What can right brained thinkers learn from left and vice versa? How can right-brained people take advantage of the structure of the left-brained thinker, and left brained people adopt fluidity without feeling like it’s all too un-natural?

Left-brain Thinkers…

If you identify with the left-brain dominant thinker, you could incorporate more freedom and spontaneity into your life. One way to do this is to leave one hour of the day “unstructured”, and do whatever you feel like in that hour. It may be personal or you may share the hour with your friends or family, but leave it completely unplanned and see what happens.

Right-brain Thinkers…

If right-brained thinking feels more like your style, try introducing a little more structure that still allows you to go with the flow. How? Write down three things that you are intending to do for that day that are very important to do that day. It might be one business thing, one health thing one personal thing. Listing only three things, gives you a starting point.

Like anything new, this may not come naturally, but if life-work balance is a priority for you this year, then this could be your first step in introducing a simple change that will have a massive impact. Give it a go!

If you want more support implementing change into your lifestyle that will benefit both business and life, email me to set up a complimentary Business Health Check with the subject line “I want more work-life balance!”