Goals Are Not Enough

How Structure and Routine can Improve your Life-Work Balance
March 9, 2016
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September 7, 2017
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Goals Are Not Enough

Too Many Tasks Not enough Time

Why Goals are Not Enough  Coaching 101

Most business planning works on the principal of: set the Vison, agree a Mission, develop SMART Goals, design Milestones and set the Accountability.  Job done, plan in place, move onto the next task on the list.


While this may be a good tool it only focuses on the rational side of business. What it ignores is the emotion or people side of business and life.

Real people, in real life, running or operating in real businesses are not robots who can be programmed and expected to achieve results on a linear path. The actual result of having the expectation that a written plan will solve the problems and achieve the results is frustration and disappointment.

We all know, and research report supports, the reality that most of our decisions are driven by emotion. Food and fitness are the prime example. We all know we should eat better, eat less, exercise more. So why is there an obesity problem?  Emotionally most of us prefer more/richer food and drink to a marathon.

The value of a great coach or mentor is that they help the person:

  1. Keep the plan real

Most motivated people are potentially overachievers. In the words of the song “I want it all and I want it now”

The result tends to be too many things squashed into the plan in too shorter time.

The answer is to focus on one thing and push out the time.

The logic is, it is far more motivational to over achieve than to under achieve.

  1. Deal with life

Business does not happen in isolation. We need to deal with family, friends, employees, other stakeholders, our own emotional rollercoaster and how we view the actions and inactions of the world around us.

During all of these trials and tribulations coach needs to keep the business owner/team focused on the end game.  Reduce the impact/distractions caused by the as usual ups and downs of business and life.

  1. Develop you as a person

The skills, beliefs and aspirations of a person running a multimillion dollar business as opposed to a $100,000 business are vastly different.

A small business person may have a plan that takes their business from $100,000 to $1 million plus but this must provide for time and resources needed to develop their enhanced mindset, management skills, marketing awareness and confidence.

Eg moving from a sole trader to an employer requires a different mindset, procedures and leadership skills.

This is where the coach’s background and currency is critical

Two very good questions to ask your coach

  1. What were your two biggest failures and what did you learn from them? The coach with no battle scars probably isn’t in the real world.
  2. What is your continuing commitment to professional development consist of, what sort of material are you currently reading, watching or listening to?
  1. Provide Common Sense/Experience

If the business owner is struggling with time ie working 80 hours a week, a list of goals and tasks is not the answer.

The first strategy must be to free up their time rather than sell more.
Eg Massive growth will just lead to cashflow challenges unless there is strategy to fund the inevitable increased working capital first.

Having a vision and a plan are really important in contributing to success. Making sure that is well supported by a clever person with really great experience and EQ skills is the critical success factor.

Ensure that your coach:

  1. Can help you become the person you need to be to achieve that next level (your goals)
  2. Can support you through the inevitable challenges that life/business will throw at you.
  3. Has strong practical business experience backed up with a recognized commercial qualification with an ethics requirement.
  4. Has a passion for learning that includes seminars, business books, CDs, webinars and membership of local business groups


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