Is Your Business Spilling Sales Opportunities?

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September 6, 2017
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February 13, 2018
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Is Your Business Spilling Sales Opportunities?

Lost Sales Opportunities

I read research that said that 62% of sales people don’t close the sales process ie DON’T ASK FOR THE SALE.

Really. How dumb is that?

Then I was talking to a client, Judy. She was celebrating her easiest sale ever.

She visited a client. One of her competitors had been there before her. This person had asked some great questions, supplied the technical specifications for a product. The client had agreed it was a good solution. That was the end of the conversation and the process.  Judy listened to this story, showed the client her very similar product/solution, got out her order book and walked away with a $35k sale.

The very basic rule of our sales training is “ASK FOR THE SALE”.   The very simple question of “what is stopping you from purchasing this now?”  needs to be woven into the conversation several times with the backup of well prepared and credible answers to the common objections. (In retail that may be  “Great choice, is that cash or card?”)

This is sales 101 and you may assume every person with a sales function will have a  “Call to action” a “buy now line” and the confidence to use it.  This could be a very expensive assumption for you to make.

A call to JDI Business Coaching, and some targeted sales training may be an excellent investment in your cashflow/bottom line.  Call us today on 0274 470793.