What Value Does Coaching Add?

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July 10, 2018
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August 20, 2018
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What Value Does Coaching Add?

What Value Does Coaching Add?

Like many services the value of coaching may seem a little elusive because it’s an invisible.
A very good analogy is your personal health.
Just about everybody knows either intuitively or from the information in our media and environment that to achieve improved health, energy, mental satisfaction, or greater happiness, that we have to:
  • Eat better i.e. have a balanced diet with more fruit and vegetables.
  • Eat less: lower quantities and reduce the levels of sugar and fat
  • Sleep more
  • Have regular health and medical check-ups and do what the doctor tells us!
  • Invest time in hobbies and interests and possibly meditation
  • Develop/maintain loving relationships

While most people know this it’s our current habits and environment that tend to keep us doing what we’ve always done unless there is someone or something that is a circuit breaker, that results in different behaviour.
Just think about some of the New Year resolutions you have made and how long they lasted!
Sometimes a significant element behind these lapses in our good intentions is we really don’t believe we can change.

Business is pretty much the same.
Most business owners or managers already know that:
  • Better systems will reduce the cost, waste, time and rework associated with product or service delivery;
  • Improved marketing strategies will increase turnover;
  • Better business plans, strategies, and supporting goals will optimise the use of resources;
  • Management reporting will identify what’s working and what’s not, and increase the chances of identifying and repeating those things that work;
  • Retaining customers and increasing their average spend is a much more effective strategy than attracting new customers;
  • Improved customer service will retain customers and potentially generate referrals;
  • Investment in staff training produces better service, use of systems, consistency, up selling and customer satisfaction

Again, we see many businesses who actually know this, but don’t do it.
In many cases the driver of this in-action is either the business owner or manager, who does not actually believe they are capable of taking the business to the next level, or if they do, they don’t know where to start.
The real value of the coach is normally to get the business owner or the manager’s head in the game!

You will have seen numerous quotes along the lines of:

  • If you believe it, you can achieve it;
  • With the right attitude.  Nothing is impossible;
  • Ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results.

The first (critical) step in a coaching process is for the coach to build the client’s confidence that change is a good thing and it is achievable.  (ATTITUDE) 

Then there is the support process with the coach that helps the client:

  1. Develop the appropriate strategies, goals and plans
  2. Create the supporting accountability structures and feedback mechanisms
  3. Set priorities,
  4. Provide encouragement and recognise the successes as they occur
  5. Reinforce the self-belief and commitment when inevitably things don’t go quite to plan.

A good coach understands that being the boss can sometimes be both a lonely and challenging role. You as the boss, need the same level of support and mentoring that a staff member needs, to be the best that you can be.

As an Action coach with world-class international support, a professional qualification and membership as a chartered accountant and many years of business experience both in my own right, and with numerous clients, I know the professional services that JDI business coaching provides can help clients grow their mojo and improve their business systems to achieve their business and personal goals.

Do you want more out of your business and life?

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