Want a Cool Conflict Resolution for those Tricky Situations?

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July 17, 2018
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Want a Cool Conflict Resolution for those Tricky Situations?

Try this easy 7 step process and come along to 3 H.R Workshop Series.

Step 1)  Is it ok for us to have an open & frank conversation?

Step 2)  Tell the other person that you have a problem.

  • “I have a problem”

Step 3) Give a non-threatening description of the problem.

  • “I have noticed that you are often distracted by receiving and sending text messages during your work time. This has reduced your quality of work and you are not giving our customers the full attention they need.”

Step 4)  Tell the other person how the situation makes YOU feel.

  • “I feel that the quality of your work is not what it could be, and I feel that you are letting yourself and the business down.” (or)
  • I feel that you are not performing at the level that you are capable of and I am disappointed by your behaviour”

Step 5)  Ask a Question

  • “If you continue this behaviour, knowing how I feel about it, will it make our relationship better or worse?”

Step 6)  Ask another question

  • “Do you want our relationship to get better or worse?”

Step 7)  Agree the situation and note the changes to be made.

  • “Thank You, I appreciate this chance to talk. Let’s move on from here.”

If you get a “WORSE” answer, you have a real problem that needs to be addressed urgently.  Give me a call today.  Also register to our 3 H.R part Workshop Series to learn more!  First workshop begins on the 24th August.