Your Leadership & Team: Your People, Your Business

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Your Leadership & Team: Your People, Your Business

Why can’t they just think like me?

Why can’t they just think like me?  Ever catch yourself thinking this?

Actually, that’s probably a recipe for disaster.

Generally speaking people (and personalities) can be categorised into combinations of four basic types

  1. Task focused
  2. People focused
  3. Introverted/quieter
  4. Extroverted/outgoing

In addition, they have communication styles that are primarily visual, auditory or kinesthetic.

To build an effective team you need a balance of the personalities and to be an effective leader (and this also applies to each team member) you need to communicate in a way that resonates with the people around you.


Appropriate balance

If I am a construction engineering firm, I would be looking to recruit people who are task focused and possibly introverted, who can focus on a problem and solve it efficiently. However, I will also need some extroverted, people focused personalities, to help with team cohesion, client relations and marketing.



Different people have a different preferred style of communication and this can change due to the situation.

Typically, a task focused person may be less interested in the introduction and background peripheral aspect of a meeting and will tend to want to get to the crux of the matter: the “who does what?” and when?

A people-focused person may need to fully understand and discuss the environment and the backgrounds/welfare of the people involved,  before they can absorb what has to be done.

To be effective you need to put in place a team that has the right mix of personalities and communicate with them in an effective manner. This process will be much easier if the team also understands the different personalities and communication styles of you and the other members of the team-firstly, as an addition to the recruiting process and then as a tool to help bond.

It is a no brainer that building a team of people that complement each other’s skills and personalities and developing communication within the team, (and with its clients) in a way that resonates, has to be more effective than shouting to a diverse rabble!

DISC profiling is not a silver bullet, but it is a very useful tool to assist developing a team and identifying its strengths and weaknesses while creating an environment that provides value to the client.

The reason you don’t want your team to be all like you is diversity!  It’s critical to success in a modern business environment.

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