What DISC Personality are you?

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August 28, 2018
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What DISC Personality are you?

What DISC Personality are you?

Most of us never take the time to figure other people out.  Why do we get along well with some people, but not others?  What makes them so different from us?

If & when we do take the time to study others, the benefits can be enormous:

  • We can understand and “handle” other people better, communicating more effectively;
  • Conflict and stress reduce, so we personally feel better, are less anxious and are more productive;

DISC profiling is a cool tool that helps you figure other people out, while also helping you to understand yourself better.

The real advantage when you can “read” and understand other people better is that, so you can adapt your sales process and patter, gaining more sales! & everyone’s in sales, at the end of the day.

I highly recommend if you haven’t already done one, that you DISC profile yourself.  Also understand that the words you say, the tonality of your voice + your body language also impact on others. Learn too, whether you’re a visual learner-communicator, or auditory or kinaesthetic.  Learning more about how YOU prefer to communicate, impacts on your success as a business owner and communicator in general 😊

Want to know more, or do your profile?  Lets talk.