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Terry and Gaylene Hughes are members of Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand (CAANZ), and have worked both in and with a large number of organisations of all sizes. They combine accountancy experience with business coaching and business leadership skills. They are up to date with leading-edge business theory and practice. This gives them a rich experience base from which to help you achieve cost-effective results, without having to reinvent the wheel. They have an easy-going manner and practical focus, working with you to achieve the results and solutions you need in your business or organisation.

Our Team

professional business coaches

Gaylene Hughes

Business Growth Specialist and Business Coach

04 566 1043

Gaylene has a diverse business background. An accountant by profession, she has owned and operated her own financial consulting business for over 25 years, working with numerous organisations within both the public, not-for-profit and private sectors.

A business coach since 2002, Gaylene has the ability to identify where opportunities lie within a business and to improve its long-term performance, helping to simplify and systemise processes and procedures. Gaylene’s infectious enthusiasm and passion, coupled with her straightforward manner, helps get you results!

She has a clear purpose: to help people realise their own potential and successfully achieve results.

Wake-up call

In 2001 my son was almost killed in front of me and the rest of his family. It was Christmas day – he was 16 years of age. At that time I was working in an accounting firm. My son’s accident was a good wake-up call, reminding me:

  • Life is short and we all need to be passionate about what we’re doing during our waking hours.
  • We all have choices to make and ultimately we’re responsible for our own lives, businesses, jobs and priorities.

Time for change

I resigned from the company I was with and looked around for something I’d enjoy doing, using my professional accounting skills and my ability to get on with people; something that offered a challenge and meant I was constantly upskilling myself – I’ve always had a love of learning and reading.

I attended an ActionCOACH franchise workshop, and that set me on my current path as a business coach. I’ve been coaching now since 2002 and love what I do. Each day is fantastic as I meet so many amazing business owners and people who work for others. I belong to a great network of coaches spanning over 50 countries worldwide, and have an amazing team of associates. I also get to work with my husband, which is a bonus.

The start of JDI Business Coaching

The name of my company, “JDI” Business Coaching reflects my philosophy on life – you’ve “just got to do it” – Just Do It now! My team and I are so often encouraging people to make changes both in life and in business.

I am happy knowing I have the support of a loving family and that through our coaching we’re having an impact on our local business community, and this is really exciting. We’re making a difference.

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professional business coaches

Terry Hughes

Business Development and Performance Coach

04 566 1043

Terry can quickly assess what’s right or wrong with a business, and prioritise what needs to be fixed, cost-effectively, while getting buy-in from those involved.

He was the chief financial officer for a local health insurance company. In four years this business recovered from making annual million dollar losses, to achieving million dollar surpluses.

Terry’s diverse career path includes serving on New Zealand accounting institute and sports club committees, and was part of the start-up of a Montessori pre/primary school that recently celebrated its 25-year anniversary.

Terry has been in several finance manager/CFO roles, along with time spent as a contractor or consultant in the transport, mining, property investment, education, welfare, and insurance, in government, private enterprise and not-for-profit sectors. These organisations have gained value from his combination of accounting, management, coaching, information systems and marketing experience and competencies.

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