Our Meeting Facilitation Solutions

Gaylene and the JDI Business Coaching team provide a facilitation service, to assist at a governance, strategic and/or operational level.

Are your board, management team, and/or staff on the same page?

Did you know that poor meetings not only waste time and money but may also be impacting on the health of you and your staff?

Often, a business session with Gaylene or Terry clarifies and regenerates efficiencies and clear strategic direction, buy-in, and action points to move you forward.

How we deliver facilitation for meetings

The JDI team pride themselves on offering well-facilitated meetings. We’ll meet with you, as the CEO or business owner, to provide background and a review of any relevant documentation. Following this, we’ll design the meeting process and agenda and guide the participants to the desired outcome.

We base our service on the 4 Ps:

  • Purpose
  • Process
  • Preparation and
  • Payoff.

“We have just completed our third session and I felt compelled to write and comment how the dynamics have so remarkably changed within the team … it is an amazing transformation I believed was never a possibility.

I would like to recommend JDI to any manager looking to promote team harmony and performance in their workplace. JDI brings about amazing results in a short timeframe.”

~ Steve Fejos, (past) branch sales manager, Leaders Real Estate