Group Coaching

How our group coaching can help your business grow

Group coaching on a variety of topics, delivered by external trainers, outside of your business, provides an opportunity to grow your networks by meeting others who may be going through the same challenges that you are.

Our group coaching, in-house or at an external venue, gives you the benefits of:

In-depth expert training

Professional business coach Gaylene Hughes, who trained as an accountant, has 15 years’ coaching experience. Gaylene has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she regularly shares with business owners, managers and teams. You can expect tried and tested strategies, simple, no-nonsense advice, and proven tools that apply directly to you and your business. Terry adds depth, expertise, and case studies, ensuring you achieve the results you’re looking for from our group coaching programmes.

Accountability coaching

How many times have you attended a training session and returned to work with the best intentions to implement changes into your business, and never followed through? Because our group coaching programmes series take place over three to six months, you get the advantage of implementing what you learn as you go.

A network of like-minded business owners

You’ll be part of a small network of like-minded business owners who will be sharing – and doing business – with you, as you learn and implement new ideas and strategies in your business.

Explosive Growth programme

The lifeblood of any business is cashflow. This is generated when people are attracted to your business through your marketing endeavours and actually engage with you to make a sale.

Unfortunately many business owners are “reactive” in generating leads into their business, and often rely on costly advertising. They also have no formal sales training or a sales process to engage with people. They have no idea how to ask for the sale – in fact 97 per cent of business people in sales don’t know how to close the sale!

The Explosive Growth series of workshops addresses these two key areas, each in a three-month coaching programme led by our experienced business coaches.

Each Explosive Growth module is 5 sessions.

The Lead Generation module helps you to focus on the most cost-effective ways to generate leads into your business through:

  • Referrals
  • Alliances
  • Social media
  • Networking

The Sales Process module builds on the first module reviewing the process that needs to be put in place for each lead generation strategy so you effectively convert leads to actual paying customers.

What’s included during the modules:

  • “5 Ways Mastery” cashflow session
  • The basics of small business marketing
  • The AIDA principle
  • DISC Profiling and the impact on your sales process
  • Improving sales conversion
  • Handling objections
  • Closing the Sale strategies
  • Customer retention and referrals
  • Setting up systems
  • 1 x one-on-one coaching session.

* BONUS: second attendee from each business for no extra charge.

Meet with your network of business owners (limited to 10 businesses) fortnightly for half an hour networking followed by an hour’s training.

“The JDI explosive growth series of workshops were an excellent place to gain business insights, learn not to be afraid to ask for contacts and referrals but also proved to be great for ‘doing business’ with fellow delegates. The environment was always positive, encouraging and uplifting … I thoroughly recommend those unsure about business growth to get along to the workshops and reap the benefits.”

~ Clive Piggott, Artful Dodge Photography

“I was recently asked to speak at our National Franchise Conference because our sales have increased enormously since attending two JDI Business Coaching Explosive Growth workshops. As a consequence of the workshops we have focused more on generating referrals, networking and building alliances and we are now generating 35% more enquiries than any other franchise nationally. We’re stoked. Our team is also very much involved in the process. They set themselves targets and these are being met. I was initially a little skeptical about coaching and workshops but would now highly recommend them. They work and the networking you do with the group is brilliant. The format is friendly and encouraging and the accountability is awesome”.

~ Karen Ryan, Mr. Rentals, Wellington

ActionCLUB Group Coaching

Let’s face it. Everyone is looking for smarter, faster and easier ways to produce outstanding results. ActionCLUB is a practical, powerful business education programme for anyone starting out, for micro businesses, or as a refresher for those already working in their business. Just because we’ve been trained in a particular profession doesn’t mean we have the skills to actually run and grow a business. This is where we can help.

The ActionCLUB Business Education Programme is a 12-session, 26-week group coaching programme targeted at businesses wanting to improve on their business knowledge. With your own accountability coach you’ll start creating the business you’ve always wanted, not just the one you’ve already got!

Here’s how ActionCLUB works

Meeting fortnightly at an agreed venue, sessions typically start after 5pm, though times may vary depending on the group attending.

At each session you will receive a workbook, and the tools you need to keep moving forward. Each time we meet we address a particular topic on how to make your business a success and we’ll stay in touch the following week with a 15-minute phone session to help keep you on track. ActionCLUB members also have the option to attend as many repeat or missed sessions as they need within 12 months of commencing the programme.

What’s included during the programme:

  • Planning and goal setting
  • Finance and cashflow
  • “5 Ways Mastery” session
  • Small business marketing
  • Improving sales conversion
  • Customer retention and referrals
  • Setting up systems
  • Building and managing a team
  • Business planning workshop session
  • Leverage, the board game session
  • 2 x one-on-one coaching sessions.