One on One Business Coaching

Coaching is very personal. It’s not paint-by-numbers.

Together we’ll work on the areas of your business that have the highest priority, and introduce tools that will help you perform better. Old habits are addressed that might have been holding you and your business back.

one-on-one business coachingWhat makes coaching so fascinating for us is the uniqueness of each coaching client, and each business or situation.

How a client chooses to be coached and the techniques we use as your coach will depend on many variables.

“The session you gave me surpassed any expectation I had. Firstly, you helped me focus on the aspects of my business that I had recognised as important but did not know how to tackle and secondly, and even more importantly, you helped me to bring aspects of my business into focus that were only just beginning to show on my radar.”

~ Stella, business owner

The right coaching fit for each client

Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly one-on-one business coaching is ideal for business owners, managers and teams who want to take their business to the next level quickly.

You’ll need:

  • a love of learning and a willingness to be guided so you focus on your goals;
  • time and resources to implement the strategies, so you achieve those goals;
  • openness to review and accountability for your results.

With a three-month, tailored coaching plan established right at the start of the coaching programme, you’ll get more in place and completed, and you’ll be more in control of your business.

We can act as a sounding board, enabling you to run ideas past us. We provide tools to help you, and someone to talk things through with.

You’ll be in good hands with our experienced business coaches.

“One on one coaching is awesome … the accountability is excellent. The earthquakes were disastrous for our business but inside 12 months we were able to reduce expenses and operate the company at a small profit and we did that using the coaching strategies we put in place.

The small expense that a business owner has to output for coaching is minimal compared to the turnaround you can get in your turnover. Even better still, the fact that the business can run without you, and for me, that was freedom.”

~ Otila Osborne, Optimum Business Brokering

We’ll send you a questionnaire to complete so we know basic information about your business before we meet.