Working with Us

A complimentary Business Health Check for approximately an hour, often over coffee, to work out what you need.

This session is guaranteed to have you brimming with inspiration and ideas to implement in your business – that’s the value of coaching.

At the meeting, we’ll take an in-depth look at:

  • How your business is going now in five key areas.
  • What challenges and problems you’re having in your industry or profession.
  • What areas hold the greatest potential for improvement.
  • What strategies would achieve that consolidation and growth.
  • How effectively you’re using your resources, including your time and team.
  • Your goals and plans for the business.

After the business health check, when you decide to proceed with coaching, Gaylene or Terry will recommend the coaching solution that will best suit your situation, your mind-set and skills, and your budget. It could be a combination of the services we have on offer. It’s not our intention to add to your “to-do list” as we understand you’re likely to be busy already. We’re there to raise your awareness about the possibilities that exist within your business and offer solutions so these are realised within a realistic time-frame.

“I met Gaylene for a business health check/free session, approximately 12 months ago. My business has changed significantly since that meeting.

My attitude towards my business has changed completely and I have taken on a competent mechanic who works alongside me to get the work done within the business.

Meeting with Gaylene made me sit down and look at what I was doing within the business and actually look for solutions … Where previously I looked upon my business as a “millstone” I’m now enjoying it and despite the challenging economic times, we’ve been growing and making good money.”

~ Vincent, business owner

The Alignment Consultation is the next step to personalised coaching or group coaching.

It’s Like a Simple Road map!

This involves a more in-depth look at your goals – both business and personal, as well as the sales and marketing strategies you’ve used in the past to generate business.

Your systems are also reviewed. The process ensures that the business owners (and the team) are aligned with each other.

Everyone involved:

  • Knows where the business is at right now.
  • Has clarity about both business and personal goals for the future.
  • Has all the information required to create an action plan for the next 12 months and is aware of prioirities. Everyone’s on the same page and has buy-in.

In Step 2 we’ll:

  • Carry out DISC profiles for you and your team, so you can learn about yourself and others.
  • Go through a 100-question questionnaire that shows graphically where your business sits in relation to eight key business areas.

Your long-term vision is broken down into bite-size goals and actions and this process helps you identify opportunities within your business. The road-map shows you what needs to be done to increase your cashflow, improve your systems and reduce the time you spend in the business.

Coaching or Workshop Sessions

Having established what the plan is, we hone in on what needs to be done to realise your goals during a one hour weekly or fortnightly coaching sessions.

Priorities are established. It’s not just another “to-do” list. We actually work on a “not-to-do-list” early on so the business owner is increasingly freed up to work ON the business. We work on mindset and introduce coaching principles that assist you to lead and empower your team. We may refer you to our extensive networks of associates for additional support in the event you do not have others you can rely on.

Having a coach means you:

  • Have access to someone to brainstorm with at your level as a business owner.
  • Are accountable to an independent, proactive mentor, who will help you achieve the goals you set for yourself and the business.
  • Have access to practical knowledge, in relation to the strategies and development of tactics to make your business “outstanding”.
  • Have counsel from someone who understands the psychological challenges you need to undergo to become more of a leader, more “entrepreneurial” and in control;
  • Will stay motivated and focused to achieve your goals, and continue to grow.

There is a substantial element of personal development involved with our clients during workshop or coaching sessions. People often get put off by “just another list of goals” because they haven’t achieved these in the past. We introduce accountability and strategies around self-discipline to ensure you hit milestones this time around, while still achieving business as usual.

We’re here to fast-track your growth in life and business.


Face-to-face coaching and training, plus email and phone support is provided as and when required.

Progress on action points and results are reported on prior to the next coaching session so that we maximise the time spent together.

We’ll send you a questionnaire to complete so we know basic information about your business before we meet.